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Student Organizations Are Making a Difference

It is pretty common to hear that Lesley students are involved in multiple different student organizations on campus. There’s a certain savvy within the students that motivates them to get involved. Are there any academic perks? Well, no, not really.  but are there social enriching perks? Absolutely. I am definitely no exception to this Lesley code of involvement. My participation in many different organizations has given me practical experience, a new platform to meet people, and ultimately, all of the student organizations I belong to have taught me so much throughout the years. USG has taught me how to efficiently communicate, LU Strides has taught me how to bring people together under the same passion, and Ladies First has taught me how easy it is to work hard and have fun. Corny, I know, but looking back now in my final year here at Lesley, all of these clubs have been truly wonderful to me; and I hope that all LU students get the opportunities I have had to participate in these and other great student-run organizations.

While all of my involvement has been great, the two organizations I want to focus on here are Ladies First and Lesley University Strides. Ladies First was founded by myself and a dear friend of mine, Taylor Casey. We started from the ground up, and we really had no idea what we were doing. Now, we have a group of sixteen extremely talented girls; we have performed at multiple on-campus events, and this year, we will be having a showcase that is solely our own. I think I am going to leave our song selection a secret, but in the past we have performed songs such as Sam Smith’s I know I’m not the only one/Stay with me, VV Brown’s Shark in the Water, Vanessa Carlton’s Thousand Miles, and many more. We have a style of performing contemporary pop songs. It has been amazing seeing where we started from in the beginning to where we are now. We audition every semester, and the group is welcome to all that identify as female. It has genuinely been an incredible experience, and I am looking forward to the rest of the year has to offer for us.

Lesley Strides has their first event coming up on October 8th, which is in conjunction with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The event is titled, “Light the Night”, and it is a chance for people to walk and raise funds for a cure to all different forms of blood cancer. This will be the third time we will be doing the event as a club, and it is a consistent hit. It takes place in the heart of Boston Common, and we illuminate the common as we walk around with white and red lit lanterns. We then participate in walk a part of AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) called Out of the Darkness which is set in Artesani Park in Brighton, MA. This walk is normally very impactful for people because many people have been affected by someone who has committed suicide or attempted to commit suicide. Not only is it a day of remembrance, but it is also a day to honor and celebrate all that have been affected by suicide.

This year’s walk is on October 31st, and we encourage all to come, in regular clothes or in costume if preferred. Finally, our biggest walk of the year is in the spring semester, which is the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. In the past, we have participated along with Harvard University’s chapter of the event, but this year we decided to do things a little differently. We will most likely be participating in Boston University’s chapter of the walk, and in addition to doing the full walk (which is normally 6 pm-6 am), we will be doing our own Lesley’s “mini-relay”. We will be keeping you posted on that, so stay tuned!

So here’s my opinion, Lesley undergrads: whether you’re into knitting, printmaking, slam poetry, flag football (or writing for the Lesley Public Post), you’ll be able to able to find a student organization comprised of people who share the same passion as you. If not, take it from someone who started their own organization, it’s actually feasible to start something new at Lesley.  Student organizations have really been a special part of my college career, I hope they’ll be a part of yours too.

Strides out of darkness

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