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A Lesley Alum’s Exciting New Job

[Editor’s Note:  from time to time, our alums get in touch and let us know where they are working and how they are doing.  Here is an update from Chelsea Contre, a 2013 graduate who majored in Communication. She recently moved to New York to work for Carat, which describes itself as “the #1 Global Media Network, and the market leader in digital and diversified media solutions.”]

It took about six months of sending in applications, closing my eyes as I clicked on the “apply”, crossing my fingers, waiting, staring at my email inbox and only to do it all over again. My only advice to the application and hiring process: it doesn’t get easier; you just get smarter. From how to phrase your e-mails to what wording to use on your resume, it is really going to enhance your experience and help you stand out from the sea of other Millennial resumés (take advantage of those amazing Lesley advisors and professors to critic your applications now).

I received an email from an HR recruiter in one of New York City’s top media agencies called Carat. He noticed my resumé being passed around throughout their sister companies, and thought he might have the perfect position for me.

In the end, I was hired and I picked up my entire life in Boston and moved within three weeks. Starting a new job in a new city, and becoming a “small fish in a very big pond” was nerve-wracking at times; but the pros have outweighed the cons and I was promoted to associate, for new business, within five months. I am now a project manager for all new business acquisitions and pitches, managing and creating presentation content, designing event settings and coordinating marketing events with some of the largest companies in the market (just some of the top line responsibilities my job holds) and I love every minute of it.

The most important question to ask yourself as an undergraduate is what drives you to do better? What do you love? Because in the end those things will create success for you. When you love something you excel and your bosses, managers, and colleagues will notice.

You know all those Lesley university courses that talk about your emotions? Those courses are giving you an extreme advantage to your application process. You are finding your voice, you are learning to use that voice in every subject; and THAT is what gives you a competitive advantage in today’s job application process.

You can know every fact and have the highest GPA, but if you can’t hold a conversation and find your own voice behind those facts, you aren’t left with much. Remember to never get discouraged. Enjoy the process, and even when it may take time, keep getting your name out there.  In my case, after getting valuable experience as an event planner at a small company, I am now working in New York City.  Here is a photo from the recent GLAAD media awards, which “recognize and honor various branches of the media for their outstanding representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community (LGBT), and the issues that affect their lives.”  This was the first marketing event that I attended:  I was able to see first-hand the impact that media, marketing and journalism have on society, and how we can create a social movement through the power of communication.

(Chelsea is on the right, along with her marketing colleagues Nichole on the left and Amanda in the middle)


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