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Summer on Campus Is Busier Than You Might Think

Recently, a question was posed to me by a tourist, who was staying at the Lesley campus: “What goes on during the summer months here?” Since most students and faculty go home for the summer break, it would be easy to assume that very little happens on campus from June through August.  However, the opposite holds true.  Residence Life is in full swing, most (if not all) of the campus offices are open, there are students giving tours, and groups such as the Young Artists Residency (YAR) are living on campus.  The financial aid office is open, as is admissions, and the advising center.

Lesley during the summer months has a unique feel to it.  The campus is no longer filled to the brim with undergraduates, but that doesn’t mean the classrooms are empty.  The university acts as a de facto hotel for guests from all over the world:   some are here for Masters or PhD programs, others are here for conferences.  And while there are fewer undergraduate students, you will definitely see some, because there are summer courses available.  You will also see students who are working as conference assistants for Residence Life, as well as students who are orientation leaders– they stay on campus helping incoming freshmen to adapt to their new surroundings.  In addition, there are some high school students on campus in the summer– the previously mentioned Young Artists Residency program allows high school art students to spend a month at Lesley taking courses.

As someone who works on campus during the summer, I see first-hand what an interesting and eclectic group of people are here.  And because the campus is not so crowded, it feels more relaxed.  If you have the opportunity to come to campus for a visit during the summer months, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much activity is going on.


(Photo of Brattle campus by the author)



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