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Looking Back at my First Year at Lesley

Freshman year of college starts before the first day of classes in September. The debate of when the journey into higher education begins is endless. For me, May of senior year was when it set in that I was beginning a new journey. Dates and times started to rush my mind on important events that… Read More ›

Saying Goodbye to Dean Mary Coleman

[Additional reporting for this piece was done by Samantha Shapiro.] Dr. Mary Coleman has been the Dean of Lesley University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) for almost five years. She will be leaving her position at the university to become Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Crittenton Women’s Union (CWU), a… Read More ›

Students Agree: Lesley Needs Its Own Athletic Facilities

[Editor’s Note: Spencer Irwin is a member of Lesley University’s men’s soccer team, and will be one of the captains next year. He is a junior, studying Secondary Education and Mathematics.] I have never written for the Lesley Public Post until now, but what made me decide to contribute an article was an  issue that… Read More ›

Communication Capstone Prize Awarded

The annual prize for the best presentation in the Communication Capstone course has been awarded to Katrina Macher.  Her presentation about the media’s depiction of race and its effect on public perception addressed how local and network news coverage “…has impacted norms and influenced biased conventions,” leading to “a society that presumes race and crime are… Read More ›