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Meet the OSA’s Newest Member

Around campus and at events, you may have noticed a new face. Often mistaken for a college student herself, Katy Hamm is the new Coordinator of Student Activities for the Office of Student Activities (OSA).

Katy started at Lesley this past October. She has loved moving to Boston and looks forward to exploring the city as the weather gets warmer.  She is no stranger to bitter cold, since she comes from the Midwest, but she still doesn’t like Boston’s winter. And who can blame her this year– Boston set a record for the most amount of snowfall in a season for the city.

Katy Hamm hails from Wisconsin, as her slight accent gives away occasionally, but she now calls Boston her home. She was born outside the US on a military base, but moved to the US when she was young. Katy went to college at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, where she majored in graphic design and minored in photography and journalism. She then went to graduate school for higher education at St. Cloud University in Minnesota.

Katy is the first of her family to make it to college, a fact she holds with pride. She gave a talk earlier this semester about her experiences as a first generation college student, saying that it was during her time at Oshkosh “where I found myself.”   She joined her university’s programming board and really came out of her shell. She was their music programmer and to this day remains a music enthusiast.

However it was really her programming board’s advisor who impacted her the most, and ultimately became the reason she realized she wanted to go to graduate school for higher education. Katy says that her advisor was extremely “supportive” and “helped me through a lot of personal stuff,” going above and beyond the job description to help her through tough times.

She first met our current Director of Student Activities, Mike Fox, at a National Association of Campus Activities conference committee. When a position opened at Lesley, Mike reached out to her to see if she was interested. She had heard Mike talking about Lesley, and thought it would be a great place for her; so she applied and was thrilled when she was hired.

She has settled in now. After about seven months into her job, I asked her how she likes being at Lesley.  She smiled and responded, “It’s perfect here!” She likes working with her colleagues and values the fact that she can enact new ideas and make things happen. Overall, she says that Lesley has been such a “welcoming environment,” from the office staff, to the students she advises.  Everyone has welcomed her into the community. Katy really enjoys getting to know the students here and likes that they’re “full of feelings, because I am also like that.”

In addition to loving her work, she is also enthusiastic about exploring the local music scene. A lot of bands come through the city, making this an ideal location for going to concerts. Her favorite genre is pop punk. Music is always a welcome subject at her office.

Since starting at Lesley, Katy has been advising the Campus Activities Board as well as other student organizations such as Swingin’ Lynx.  She ran an Emerging Leaders section, and is temporarily overseeing the Common Lynx program. She is already looking forward to next year, and I am sure we are going to see plenty of new and exciting ideas from her.


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