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Lesley Women’s Volleyball: A Season in Review

As many of Lesley’s sports team completed their seasons, the women’s volleyball team was working hard, getting ready for a tournament on April twelfth at Elms College.  Women’s Volleyball came into this season with six returners and six new recruits, looking to make a splash in the starting line up. During the first week and a half, the team worked together to increase their skills while also learning how to play within a new system.

In their first competition at Salve Regina University, on the beautiful coast of Newport, Rhode Island, they lost in three games. All of the girls seemed to take it well, but there was an underlying fear that this was just one of many losses they might face. Coming back to Boston, both the coaches and the players were determined to fix any problems in the team, and get the focus back on playing the best volleyball they could.

The next game would mark their first home match in the state of the art gym at Buckingham, Browne, & Nichols. Under the bright lights, the team was able to easily defeat Pine Manor for their first win. Freshman Sarah Hollis stated that “that first game at home was something that I will never forget. It was if I started this whole new chapter and finally realized I wasn’t in high school any more.”  This was just a jump start in a streak of five games where not a set was lost. The team’s confidence seemed to flourish, as the freshmen players found their spots on the team and the new players seem to settle in their roles.

This streak lasted until the Lynx attended the Wentworth Institute of Technology volleyball tournament. Their first game took shape in similar fashion to their previous games, where they won in a sweep with high scores on their side, while leaving Wentworth barely able to surpass double digits. But because of fatigue from those games, Lesley was unable to defeat Worcester State College, and lost in four sets.

For the rest of the season, there would be three more losses and one would come on Senior night where Danielle Johnson had to face her final home game against the number one team of the league. It was a tough loss to swallow but there was a positive feel about this season.  And then came the tournament at Elms College.  The Lesley Lynx were happy to end their spring season on a positive note, with an undefeated run. They played both Becker College and the host Elms, and easily surpassed  both teams for back to back wins. With no break in between, the weeks of conditioning required by head coach Jamee Stimson had assisted the team’s ability to pull through.  Last season’s senior Danielle Johnson was the only non-returning player who participated in the tournament.  Looking back on the year, the players and coaches have gained important experience; they may not have won every game, but team members are planning to build their skills, and become even more successful next year.

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