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Making the Best of the Snowstorm: A Report from the Dorms

As I am sure you have noticed, the weather has been truly abysmal for the past few weeks since winter break ended. Though it really is not Lesley’s fault that there were so many snow days, that does not change the fact that some of us are getting a little stir-crazy, myself included. I live at 35 Mellen, on the Doble campus, and things got interesting there.

The first snow day, everything was beautiful. The snow was falling, nobody had class, and everyone was feeling pretty good. There is always something exciting in the first snow day of the semester, you know? My house is already a fairly tight-knit group, and we were all hanging out together, ignoring our class work and watching Netflix.

The next snow day, people were still relatively excited. Another day without class, another day without work, another day watching the snow continue to pile up. Fortunately, it was also another day of watching Netflix and playing video games with my friends, so it was not really all that bad.

The third snow day, people were starting to laugh nervously whenever they passed a window. Things were starting to resemble what it looked like outside – grey and bleak. There was an undercurrent of fear in White Hall, a thrum of anxiety in McKenna Student Center. “What will happen,” students asked, in hushed whispers, “if we have more snow days? We don’t make these days up. We don’t have more classes. We’re going to fall behind.”

Things were looking bad as the fifty-eighth snow day was announced via text.   A side note:  do not reply to Rave texts, because people actually received those, which I learned the hard way. On this day, the Campus Activities Board, in a desperate attempt to lure students out of their bedrooms, played Gone Girl and Mean Girls in the Student Center. Several students stuck their heads out of their windows, got blasted in the face with snow and four-hundred-miles-per-hour wind, and started the trek over to McKenna, if only to stop breathing the stale air inside their rooms, the same air they had been breathing non-stop for three weeks.

It was not as bad as it could have been. Gone Girl was enjoyable. Starbucks kept kicking. Netflix, as always, was a close friend during this trying time. The MBTA gave up on us, like you might give up on a pen that writes in only faint blue ink, and even then it only shows up every now and then; but that was anticipated from the first flake. The snow drifts trapped us in our houses and dorms, but still we live. The wind may whip against our windows, but still we persevere.

A special shout-out to the shuttles, which have been a saving grace to Lesley students, a beacon in the darkness that the snowstorms have created around us.  They saved us from what we had been previously doing, which was huddling together and shuffling to classes, taking turns on the outside. Picture the scene from the beginning of “Happy Feet” where all the father penguins march across the Arctic together and sing laments, hoping for better weather, and you will be picturing, in essence, what we have to do.

Still, we prevail. We who live on campus thrive in the snow, and offer our thanks to CAB for helping us survive it.  (I suspect things are much more difficult for the students who commute: it isn’t easy getting to Cambridge lately.)  Meanwhile, if I see one more snowflake, I will join other Lesley University students in holing ourselves up in Mike Fox’s office until he gives us something to do.


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