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The Benefits of a Lesley Internship

Editor’s Note:  This guest essay is written by Chelsea Contre, a recent Lesley graduate.

By your senior year of college we all get the same questions “what are your plans for next year?” It’s always about the next year and most of us want to rebel and just enjoy our last year of college, but really there’s a perfect happy medium to it all, your internship. Shoot for an internship that you’d consider a “long shot” a “dream job.”

The secret to it all is:

1. You have nothing to lose doing this; you’re still a student and there are still many other options for internships.

2. It is very rare that companies refuse a kid who is willing to hustle and work for free (that is if you hustle and you most likely will if you love the internship and consider it a potential dream job).

By my senior year I had some idea of what I wanted to do for my career and what really seemed like a passion to me, wedding planning. I found my dream internship and because I loved what I did there so much and saw potential, I interned the extra hours and in return was offered a job. I have been with Table & Tulip, a full event design and floral studio in Boston, for almost a year and a half now.

My passion for the industry didn’t just stop once I was given the opportunity to be an employee there. I took on extra hours and responsibilities and in return really was allowed to branch off and really develop the event coordination of all weddings and special events for the company. I am now the event coordinator and designer for Table & Tulip.

Your internship may not work out like this; in fact, you may realize that the job is something you don’t want to do in the future. But that experience can also be worthwhile and important to you; it can help you to see where your interests really are.  The secret to getting the benefit of an internship is to be happy and learn from it, as well as to find what you really have a passion for:  and once you find that passion, it will show.




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