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Student Work To Be Displayed in New Arts Center

As everyone in the Lesley community knows, the Lunder Arts Center has been in the works all year. When complete, this building will replace the LUCAD buildings currently in use in Boston; the new building, which will be next to University Hall, will provide convenience and shorter distance between the campuses.

With construction to be completed in late 2014, LUCAD faculty thought it would be a good idea to display work by the students in the new building. A call for art was sent out to students, and everyone was encouraged to submit ideas. The panel of judges was looking for original, creative works that can be displayed in the Lunder Arts Center for at least a year.

Chloe Tucker, an upcoming sophomore and Illustration and Fine Arts major was one of the students that won the competition. She was a part of a class that entered as a group. She says, “My professor last semester told our class to enter into the contest, because he thought the work we did would fit the criteria for the project, so I entered six of my pieces.” Regarding the criteria, she said “they were looking for original artwork that would look good on the walls of the new building.”

The judges loved the group’s concepts and ideas and decided to meet with the group as a whole to discuss how they could move forward in the competition. Because the main walls inside the building are going to be mostly occupied, the panel thought it would be best to give the students a generous area of space inside the bathrooms on each floor. Chloe said: “Our group is comprised of about eight students. We got into pairs, as we were assigned four bathrooms as a group. Essentially, we all have a piece of blank wall that we can put our artwork on. They encouraged us to use durable materials such as wood and plexiglass, so our work will be there for as long as possible.”

Their group and the LUCAD administration are very excited to see this project unfold. They are hoping to install their artwork during the Fall 2014 semester if construction moves forward as planned. Chloe told me, “it will be great to see my art in a public place, even if it is a bathroom. I mean, everyone uses the bathroom. It will show everyone that this new building was made especially for us, the students of LUCAD.”


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