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Music Review: The Relevant Elephants

The Relevant Elephants have a world of opportunities. Their music carries beyond the subway walls. Street music is an integral part of Boston culture, and the Relevant Elephants are one good reason why. The band is planning an Australian tour this November, but they got their start in the Boston underground. While the Relevant Elephants… Read More ›

The World Cup in Brazil: A Closer Look at Negative Local Impact

With less than six weeks remaining, Brazil has yet to complete the finishing touches, as it prepares to host the 2014 FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) World Cup. Being one of the most widely watched sporting events in history, the World Cup is likely to reach roughly three billion people world wide and expected… Read More ›

Student Experience Survey is Due by 4/28

By now, students in CLAS and LUCAD have received an email entitled: “Lesley student experience survey” inviting them to complete a web survey regarding their level of satisfaction with many aspects of their experience at Lesley University overall.  We at the Lesley Public Post have been asked to remind everyone that these surveys must be… Read More ›

Leadership Symposium Will Welcome AJ Gerritson

On Wednesday, April 30, Lesley University’s Management Student Association will feature a talk by AJ Gerritson, founder of 451 Marketing.  And whether you are a business major or not, you will find that he is worth listening to.  451 Marketing is an award-winning independent communications agency that specializes in public relations, content and digital marketing. … Read More ›

Destination North: Why You Should Visit Salem

As the iron fist of winter finally begins to loosen its chilling grip, and the last reminiscences of colossal snow banks melt away and disappear into the now thawing earth, we can once more begin to slowly creep out of our wintery cocoon and feel the spring as it emerges around us. As the days… Read More ›

Some Thoughts on Being an Athlete at Lesley

          All athletes who have the dream of playing basketball at the collegiate level probably have similar visions about what that experience will be. A long season full of competitive practices, bonding with teammates on and off of the court, playing under the bright lights, and a sell-out crowd at every home game. When I… Read More ›

Divest Lesley University: What it is, why it matters, and what you can do

                       We live in an age that is showing clear signs of human impact upon the climate. This phenomenon is called ‘antropogenic forcing,’ which is one of the biggest factors of a warming climate with dangerous and irreversible repercussions. The biggest driver of our impact comes from emissions, given off most notably by… Read More ›

Catwoman > Batman: Confessions of a Femme Boy

Femme (fĕm) adj. Exhibiting stereotypical or exaggerated feminine traits. Used especially of lesbians and gay men. ( All my life I have been a femme boy.  The innate femininity of my personality and behavior was evident at age five when I saw Batman Returns and decided that I wanted to emulate Catwoman, whip and all. … Read More ›

Finding Oz at Lesley Literary Arts Festival

During a recent Saturday filled with the excitement of alumni panels, English honor society inductions and student readings, attendees at Lesley’s Literary Arts Festival enjoyed a riveting and humor-filled hour with “Wicked” author Gregory Maguire, the event’s keynote speaker. From Lesley’s Washburn Hall, Maguire transported the students, alumni and faculty in the audience to his… Read More ›

Bilingual Education: One Student’s Perspective

I remember sitting in that classroom. The fans were blowing; there wasn’t any air-conditioning. The teacher was addressing everyone so casually. Strings of long, eloquent language, in Spanish, spilled from her mouth, but I only understood every other word or so. I felt lost and vulnerable. I couldn’t wait for my next class, American history…. Read More ›