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1st International Phone Interview

This post really has nothing to do with London, except for the fact that my time here is quickly coming to a close and I am scrambling to figure out what comes next. All good things must come to an end right… or do they? As a disposable twenty something I think it is safe… Read More ›

Faculty Spotlight: An Interview with Stan Trecker

           The end of an era is upon us.  Since 1991, Stan Trecker has called the Art Institute of Boston his home; during that time, he served as President of AIB from 1991-1998, and Dean from 1998-2002 and again from 2007 to the present.   And now, he is stepping down, preparing to retire.  So, as… Read More ›

Thank You Mayor Walsh

Last week, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh made headlines by refusing to participate in the annual South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  The decision came after parade officials decided against letting LGBT individuals march openly as part of the procession.  The following is an open letter in response to Walsh’s decision: Dear Mayor Walsh, My name… Read More ›

Lesley Adjuncts Speak Out

When the adjunct faculty decided to join a union, some students considered it an important event. But upon asking around campus, I found that there were quite a few other students who didn’t even know it had happened, nor why it was important. First, to address the most basic question: What does it mean to… Read More ›

Soft Grunge, Tumblr, and the Glorification of Mental Illness

Ahh Tumblr. The breeding ground for fandoms, memes, arm-chair social justice, self-expression, and the new wave of “soft grunge” (yes, that pun was intended). Urban Dictionary defines soft grunge as “A term generally used to describe modern-day teenagers, typically girls between the ages of 14-18, who like create a “hardcore” persona on Tumblr by reblogging… Read More ›

Humans Vs. Zombies: A Concern, Trivial or Otherwise

If, for whatever reason, you have often found yourself digging through the policy section of your Lesley student handbooks, you might have noticed an interesting addition to the weapons section. Between the Spring and Fall of 2011, in addition to the expected prohibitions against guns, blades, ammunition, explosives and things of the sort, toy guns… Read More ›

Oscars Celebrate Diversity While Hollywood Lags

The 86th Academy Awards ceremony can be viewed as a demonstration of the diversity celebrated in the motion picture industry as well as the work that still needs to be done to promote social equality on screen.  The show was hosted by openly gay Ellen DeGeneres, whose quirky charm was a nice change from Seth… Read More ›