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Seeking the Commuter Lounge

          It was just another day of strolling through the corridors of University Hall. While waiting for the elevator to arrive to the 3rd floor, I couldn’t help but notice something interesting on the nearby map of the U-Hall corridors. Apparently, we had a commuter lounge somewhere in this building. Being… Read More ›

Billy Collins Visits Lesley

Poet Laureate Billy Collins visited Lesley’s Doble Campus on Wednesday February 26, to read poetry from his collections, give a short lecture, and answer questions from the audience. Collins is a distinguished poet. In addition to serving as the United States Poet Laureate from 2001 to 2003, he has been awarded the Mark Twain Award… Read More ›

Lesley Cafeteria Workers Wonder How Long Is Long Enough?

This past Friday afternoon, a delegation of workers, students and faculty members marched to the offices of Lesley University to deliver a petition containing the signatures of 522 community members demanding fair working conditions and a living wage for cafeteria members at the university. The petition was to be presented to Vice President for Administration… Read More ›

Girlhood: Then & Now

According to Google, the word “girlhood” is defined as “the state or time of being a girl.” A very brief definition for a time that can represent so many things for so many people — regardless of the gender they were defined as at birth. For every woman, how they remember and define their girlhood… Read More ›

Concert Review: Speedy Ortiz at “Underground Tasty”

A sleazy, grinding crescendo of punk noise crashed upon a local burger joint, to usher in the release of Speedy Ortiz’s new EP, Real Hair, and put Tasty Burger on the map as the latest music venue in Cambridge. When I arrived at 8:33 the line was up the stairs, through the lobby, out the… Read More ›

The MFA Decision (and Why It Should Be Changed)

            After enjoying a relaxing winter break, many CLAS students returned to the Lesley campus to a very unpleasant surprise:  they no longer had free admission to Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. Of course, many members of the Lesley community were not too pleased with this decision.  In a college where creativity is encouraged and… Read More ›

Students on Brattle Are Hungry Too

           Lesley University’s Brattle campus is picturesque on the weekends:  the old brick building bubbles with activity, church-goers stroll by with bright-eyed children, people throw frisbees in the yard, and—get ready for this one, folks— the dining hall is as barren and empty as my stomach. So, what to do now? I guess I could… Read More ›

Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a straight woman say “all the good ones are gay”, I’d be able to quit my day job and blog full time.  Given that homosexual men are some of the finest men around, it’s no surprise that many heterosexual ladies have such an appetite for… Read More ›

Lesley Cafeteria Workers Rally for Fair Pay

Alas, the saga for workers’ rights at Lesley University continues.  On Thursday, February 13th, union organizers, Bon Appetit cafeteria workers, students, and faculty gathered on campus to rally for a decent living wage. The rally began with a march from White Hall, which led to a circle of chants and slogans in the middle of… Read More ›

When London Gives You Lemons

I have been in London now for almost over three weeks and I have not found it in me to start a blog about my journey until now. I’ve read my fair share of all of your travel blogs, inspired by your love for the London Eye (it’s really just a large ferris wheel) and… Read More ›