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Lesley 2013: A Year In Review

Ah, the new year is upon us.  As we prepare to kiss 2013 goodbye, a look back indicates that it was quite a big year for Lesley University.  The following list examines highlights in LU happenings month by month: January The beginning of the spring semester saw campus events that engaged the Lesley community in… Read More ›

Don’t Feed the Trolls

Recently, I “liked” the Facebook page of Vice Magazine because, you know, us journalists have to support each other in these trying times.  For those who are unfamiliar, Vice is known for publishing content pertaining to controversial topics and a “hip” and “alternative” reporting style.  Given Vice’s array of subject matter and the scope of… Read More ›

Lesley Cafeteria Workers Continue to Fight for Living Wage

  This past Monday evening, students and faculty gathered in Stebbins 203 to listen to the stories of cafeteria workers from our own community. The workers’ panel, organized by the People’s Alliance for Worker Solidarity (P.A.W.S.) gave the workers’ voices a chance to be heard. As many students know, in the spring, the food staff… Read More ›

Bitcoin: Giving The Dollar A Run For Its Money

In October 2013, Bitcoins made headlines when a little site called Silk Road was shut down by the United States Government.  Because they are impossible to track if used in a certain way, Bitcoins were perfect for buying and selling drugs and other vices on the once-premier online black market.  Though at least one illegal… Read More ›

New Kids On the Dial: Lesley Radio Club Members Attend IBS Conference

Editor’s note: Alisan LeMay helped with the writing of this article.                  When Alisan and I first arrived at Simmons College for the annual Intercollegiate Broadcasting Conference on November 16th, it felt like reliving freshman year all over again. We were the new kids: inexperienced, nervous, and (temporarily) lost. Although it seemed intimidating, we… Read More ›

The LPP Staff On Internships Part 2

While internships can be a great way to gain valuable experience, especially for jobs in competitive industries, they come at a price. In my experience, interns are often treated like grunts, who run errands, take out trash and get screamed at all for a “resume booster”. The point of internships is technically to be mentored… Read More ›

An Injustice That Must End: The Mistreatment of Undocumented Immigrants

  Last year, around 409,849 illegal immigrants were removed from the United States. That’s a small number compared to the average 11.5 million undocumented immigrants living in America today. Out of these millions of immigrants, about 59% are from Mexico. The people who come to this country often leave their homes because of severe poverty,… Read More ›