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The LPP Staff On Internships Part 1

Merriam Webster defines an intern as a student or recent graduate who works for a period of time at a job in order to get experience.  On an individual level, the meaning of an internship ranges from grunt work and the gaining of course credits to the gateway to one’s future career.  An informal survey… Read More ›

Expression is Connection: The Art of Internet Creativity

Expression, in itself, is a form of connecting and communicating aspects of ourselves and our creativity to whomever chooses to receive it. How do we express our creativity? Many of us choose visual art; painting, sculpting, designing, or video making. Some of choose the art of writing by expressing our creativity through words. A number… Read More ›

The State of Affairs for Adjuncts at LU

In 1969, 78.3% of United States college and university faculty members had tenure or were on the tenured track.  Four decades later, that number has dropped significantly to a mere 33.5% (Kingkade 2013).  As the number of adjuncts has increased, so have disparities between the institutionalized treatment of full-time and part-time professors nationwide. Adjuncts are… Read More ›

Sorry Not Sorry: What It Really Means To Apologize

sor·ry adjective \ˈsär-ē, ˈsȯr-\ : feeling sorrow or regret According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the prime definition of sorry is to feel sorrow or regret. The unfortunate reality is that more often than not, we use the word sorry as a means to excuse ourselves from wrongdoing. How many times have you said “sorry”… Read More ›

Kanye or Nay?: Lesley Student Feels Ticketmaster Sold Her Short

For many, concerts are the equivalent of a religious experience. After listening to an artist and bowing at their altar for years, going to see said artist perform live has unmatched spiritual significance. Obtaining tickets for a concert is the gateway to this sacred event, beginning a journey of joy and redemption that only being… Read More ›