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Lesley Students Attend AIM4E

On Tuesday October1st, six Lesley University (four CLAS and two LUCAD) students were accompanied by Professor Robert McGrath to the second Annual Intercollegiate Mixer for Entrepreneurship at the Microsoft N.E.R.D (New England Research and Development) Center. The event was run by ePowerHouse in collaboration with the City of Boston-–Office of Business. The evening’s objective, according to… Read More ›

Connecting the Dots: the Digital Media Conference Addresses Activism in the Age of Ubiquitous Surveillance

EDITOR’S NOTE:  [This guest article was written by Suren Moodliar (Advocate). The Digital Media Conference is being held on the Doble Campus this weekend.] Recently the activist-lawyer Michelle Alexander encouraged us all “to connect the dots” of militarism, mass incarceration, and mass surveillance. In this spirit, the 3rd Digital Media Conference: Freedom and Unfreedom in the… Read More ›

The Gaslight Anthem: Why You’re Not Crazy

Has your partner ever called you “hyper-sensitive?” Have your friends, co-workers, supervisors, or even family members ever told you to “stop being so dramatic”, that you’re “overreacting” and need to “stop being so crazy?” Just when we thought Freud’s theories of hysteria were gone forever, we are presented with a ubiquitous sense of “crazy-making” in… Read More ›

Comics Expo Comes to Lesley

Artists from all over the country converged in Cambridge recently for a weekend of art, discussion panels and workshops  — celebrating the present while looking toward the future of their art form — at the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo (MICE) at University Hall. The Internet has revolutionized the way art is shared, and comic art… Read More ›

Lesley Hosts Prominent Gun Control Advocate

[Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the LPP in February 2013.] In the wake of Newtown, Connecticut’s recent mass shooting, it seems that everybody has something to say about what to do with guns in America.  These opinions come from extremes on both sides of the spectrum, but true novelty can be found in… Read More ›

Tainted No More

[Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the LPP in April 2013.] Last week, as I forayed into White Hall for lunch, I passed a sign-up table for the upcoming campus blood drive. A friend of mine was volunteering, so I felt compelled to fill out a time slot. When reading the printed eligibility requirements… Read More ›

Tuition Changes Announced

Last week, President Joseph Moore made the stunning announcement that Lesley undergraduate tuition will be reduced in the Fall of 2014.  By this time next year, Lesley tuition will be priced at $24,000, an $8,000 drop from its previous cost at $32,000.  AIB’s tuition will also be reduced to $24,000, a $6,000 drop from the… Read More ›

We Want Your Articles and Opinion Pieces

The Lesley Public Post is the university’s student-run newspaper, and we are always seeking reporters or opinion writers. We publish regularly, and if you would like to cover some campus news, report about our sports teams, review a concert, interview someone with an interesting story to tell, or offer your perspectives on current events, we’d… Read More ›

When Boston Felt Like Afghanistan: A Personal Account

[Editor’s Note:  Six months ago, Boston experienced the tragedy of the Marathon Bombing. Some students were affected personally– they were runners themselves, or they knew someone who ran in the Boston Marathon. One of our student reporters, Diba Feroz, had a unique perspective, and she wrote a moving opinion piece for the Lesley Public Post…. Read More ›

Opinion: What’s Missing from Sex Education

The American attitude about sex is nothing if not contradictory. We have one traditional segment of the culture where sex is viewed strictly as an act between married adults, and yet we are all simultaneously surrounded by overly sexual and vulgar advertisements and media messages. But most teenagers are never taught properly in school about… Read More ›