Summer on Campus Is Busier Than You Might Think (0)

July 20, 2015 • Campus Events, Campus News

Recently, a question was posed to me by a tourist, who was staying at the Lesley campus: “What goes on during the summer months here?” Since most students and faculty go home for the summer break, it would be easy to assume that very little happens on campus from June through August.  However, the opposite… Read More ›

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Making Progress: A History of Baseball at Lesley (1)

photo of Joe Muratore by Mark Teiwes

Progression is defined as a movement or development toward a destination or a more advanced state, whether gradually or in stages. In its fifth year of existence, the Lesley University baseball team has continually sought after one thing: progression. Starting from the ground floor when it comes to anything is always a difficult endeavor, so… Read More ›

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Looking Back at my First Year at Lesley (0)

Surviving a brutal Massachusetts winter was part of freshman year.

Freshman year of college starts before the first day of classes in September. The debate of when the journey into higher education begins is endless. For me, May of senior year was when it set in that I was beginning a new journey. Dates and times started to rush my mind on important events that… Read More ›

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Lesley Women’s Volleyball: A Season in Review (0)

volleyball article

As many of Lesley’s sports team completed their seasons, the women’s volleyball team was working hard, getting ready for a tournament on April twelfth at Elms College.  Women’s Volleyball came into this season with six returners and six new recruits, looking to make a splash in the starting line up. During the first week and… Read More ›

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Why I’m Not Surprised (0)

Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun, used with permission.

When I look at Baltimore I am surprised at how unsurprised I am. Not only by the actual events taking place, but also by the media portrayal and the divided reactions of society. On the one hand you have people ignoring the rioting and looting and saying how dare these protesters be met with riot… Read More ›

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If the MBTA is struggling, so are commuters (0)


[Editor’s note:  Last week, we published an article about living on campus during our recent snow storms. Here’s the perspective of a student who has to commute to Lesley.] The MBTA is the only mode of transportation for many commuters (including myself), and because of that, getting to school/work/anywhere for the past month has been… Read More ›

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The Mask You Live In: Gender Roles in American Society (0)


On Monday April 20, 2015, Lesley Third Wave, Lesley Women’s Center, and graduate student Stephanie Rosario Rodriguez, co-sponsored a screening of the film The Mask You Live In at the University Hall Amphitheatre. The Mask You Live In (2015), presented by The Representation Project, addresses the issues of hypermasculinity in American culture. This film was… Read More ›

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Anything But Empty: Theater Review (0)

it felt empty

“It Felt Empty When The Heart Went At First But It’s Alright Now” is a big headline with an even bigger story to tell. Elizabeth Milanovich does not disappoint in this production at the Charlestown Working Theatre on Friday and Saturday nights until November 1st. Milanovich stars as Dijana, the narrator and lead character in… Read More ›

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#BlackLivesMatter: Lesley Students Speak Out Against Racism (0)


On August 9, 2014, a young unarmed black man named Michael Brown was shot six times by a white police officer, Darren Wilson. This incident occurred in Ferguson, Missouri, a small suburb of St. Louis, and sparked national interest, social media campaigns, and a new group of young activists who jumped up to protect the… Read More ›

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Music Review: The Relevant Elephants (1)


The Relevant Elephants have a world of opportunities. Their music carries beyond the subway walls. Street music is an integral part of Boston culture, and the Relevant Elephants are one good reason why. The band is planning an Australian tour this November, but they got their start in the Boston underground. While the Relevant Elephants… Read More ›