The Up-Coming Academy Awards: Some Predictions (0)

At the start of each new year, there is much talk and reflection about the previous year in review.  A source of excitement for many of us is to discuss the year that we had in film.  Throw in the fancy red carpet gowns and all of the biggest names in Hollywood rubbing elbows, and… Read More ›

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Successful Season for Men’s Basketball Team (0)

As the men’s basketball team approaches the final game of the season, they find themselves in a much better position now than they were at this point last year. With a current 14-10 record, they are now tied with the single season wins record which sits at 14. They’re having a record year. With the… Read More ›

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Movie Review: Patriots Day (0)

When we hear the words “Patriot’s Day” right now, our minds immediately go to the magical win our hometown football team pulled out several Sundays ago.  Many of us aren’t thinking about a very different Patriot’s Day– the Boston Marathon bombing which took place four years ago, and which has inspired a recently-released movie directed… Read More ›

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Music Review: Danny Brown “Atrocity Exhibition” (0)

When alt-rockers Nine Inch Nails and Joy Division and jazz giant Miles Davis are given nods in a hip-hop album, one cannot help but become intrigued by an unlikely crossover. Enter the enigmatic Danny Brown, Detroit based emcee, someone with a delightfully tortured soul. “Atrocity Exhibition”, an experimental work revolving around the themes of mental… Read More ›

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Lesley University Needs a Student Radio Station: A Follow Up (1)

[Editor’s note:  This article is a follow up to an article that Jack Yarrows first wrote in September 2016.  Since then, he and other members of the Radio Club have surveyed nearly 200 students on campus about whether they’d be interested in having a student-run radio station.] Since November of 2016, I have been meeting… Read More ›

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Why the Muslim Ban is a Heartbreaking (and Bad) Idea (2)

This past week has been difficult for me.  In fact, it has broken my heart and torn it in pieces, as I try to understand President Trump’s  incomprehensible ban on immigration, motivated, it seems, by a fear of Muslims.  For any immigrant who comes to a new country, life is already difficult; and it for… Read More ›

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What Penguins Can Teach Us About Love (0)

The idea of a “perfect” life for humans often consists of getting married, and having children.  Marriage in the United States is a very common practice; but while millions of people get married, studies show that only half of those marriages will last.  On the other hand, let’s consider animals, and there’s a lot we… Read More ›

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LCAL Event Focuses on Advice for Caregivers (0)

On November 17th, the Lesley Center for the Adult Learner hosted a conversation at University Hall on the subject of “Caring for Caregivers.” The discussion was led by Julianne Corey, Assistant Director of Academic Advising for LCAL, and Dr. Heather Macdonald, a clinical psychologist who is also an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Applied Therapies… Read More ›

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Lesley Student Has Some Helpful Hints About Self-Publishing (4)

Milestones. They are what keep our wheels turning, our lives going. They are that light at the end of the tunnel, and once that is reached, another light begins to flicker. For me, the milestone that kept me going was the undertaking of becoming a self-published author. With unconditional family support and determination, I achieved… Read More ›

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The Importance of Local Elections (0)

The general election is quickly approaching. Most Americans’ main concern is about the presidential nominees: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. According to voting turnout statistics, in the 2012 general election 57% of the population voted. All of these people wanted to have a say at a national level, but what about their home towns? According… Read More ›